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Diesel Emissions

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Diesel Emissions

The primary reason for reducing and controlling diesel emissions is improved environment and health for workers. Improving the way we maintain and operate diesel engines also pays in reduced engine maintenance costs and improved performance and production—revenue! Can you imagine what a 2% increase in engine performance on an LHD or haulage truck could translate to in tonnes produced?

Our training, audit and control program package has proven to not only reduce emissions and exposures for workers but to generate significant savings to the bottom line as well. A mining client in the U.S. reported an estimated savings of $10K/month immediately based on proper management of engine intake air filter replacement alone!

Our program consists of a combination of on-site training and auditing with formal and informal recommendations and solutions. The balance of theory and practical with site technical people provides instant results and lasting benefits.

  • Six System approach to diesel engine maintenance
  • Diesel emissions measurement
  • Standard operating procedures for mechanics and operators
  • Diagnostic tools
  • Performance standards and measurement

We refer to it and emphasize as “Measure-Measure-Measure”

We provide:

  • Diesel emissions management and control plans
  • Audits and inspections of engine maintenance and operating environment
  • On site portable emissions measurement and analysis services
  • Site training for engine maintenance and emissions controls
  • Emission control systems application engineering and implementation
    • Diesel Particulate Filters (DPFs)
    • Diesel Oxidation Catalysts (DOCs)